On March 23, 2011, another casualty of the Twitard uprising occured in the Protectorate States of PNU-CTL-NOCCB (Cadiz City, PH). For the past few days, a raging discussion took place in one of the classrooms. The Twitard fanatics were arguing with the class officers over a favorite pet dispute. One of the pets of the class officers, a Mr. Talladega, was considered a favorite by his owner, Matt*.


Who knew JUICE could asisst in murder.....

Matt was extremely Anti, even burning his Mom's copies with his friends while singing the Protectorate anthem. So, the Twitards devised a simple plan--they would dare him to drink a lot of juice, that would make him feeling rather full in the bladder. When Matt would go to the bathroom, they would get Mr. Talladega from his cage and throw him in the pond. The plan was a tragic success, but a few minutes after, a Twitard confessed his wrongdoings. So, Matt called his friend, Nilsim, who, unlike Matt, knew how to handle tarantulas. Mr. Talladega was rescued.

But later that week, the Twitards launched another assassination attempt, they outright impaled Talladega with a long, thin stick. Mr. Talladega died instantly. The Twitards were given two weeks detention by school law, and an Eight Slaps trial by Protectorate law.

March 23 would now be known as Twilight Martyrs' Day

  • Matt's real name was changed to avoid further annoyances. We hereby send the Twitards, le middle finger:


Rest well, Mr. Talladega. An eight-fingered revenge is in motion.

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