On March 15th, 2009, the first casualty of Twihard hysteria took place. Mopsy, a goldfish belonging to a seven-year-old anti named Izabella, called Iza for short (see, even seven-year-olds can see Twilight sucks!) was killed by Iza's brother's girlfriend. It happened because Iza told her brother and his girlfriend that Twilight sucks. The girlfriend, being the irrational Twihard bitch that Twihards are known for being, flung poor Mopsy's fishbowl across the kitchen and stomped on Mopsy, killing the poor goldfish. According to witness dustmites, Mopsy's last words, before his tiny skull was crushed were "Why me? I was but an innocent bystander! WHY DO I HAVE TO DIE??"


Would YOU let an adorable little fish die?

Envious Doll, a member of Twilight Sucks. com Forums and friend of Iza, went to Iza's house and, subsequently, broke the Twihard's nose, for a small bit of revenge for poor Mopsy.

Mopsy's death serves as a reminder of the violence the Twilight fandom is capable of, and the fact that they will kill if anyone dares imply that Twilight is anything less than perfect. This madness must be stopped. Please, world, NO MORE MOPSYS!

In commemoration of Mopsy's tragic demise, the Protectorate States of PNU-CTL-NOCCB declared March 15, Twilight Book/CD Burning day. Superior Senator Keith Desenzel later declared Twitard Genocide on the same day. Senator Nilsim Hajeme later tried two Twitards for their crimes, and are now being ostracized socially, because no one cound stand their constant Cullenite-like fandom.

R.I.P., Mopsy.

You will be missed.

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