A challenger appears! No, seriously. This specimen belongs to the species Homo Godwinsius Lawsii, or the troll family, Homo Epicus Lulzae Bannedii.

Claiming to be a student at UC Berkeley, she most likely is 14, illiterate, and thinks Twilight is the best book ever after Acting Intertubes Tough For Dummies. She will most likely be sent to a diploma mill, like the one that Kent Hovind built and got incarcerated for.

Or she could be a /b/tard having lulz off at breaking Godwin's Law over 9000 times per post.

First Appearance Edit

She first appeared as one of the Black Pawn Movement's many haters. Uniquely, she came prepared for a flame war with every member of the Internet Evil Nazi Cult's YouTube BrigadeAfrika Korps, by bringing a rapid-fire mechanism for shooting ad hominems.

Unfortunately for the challenger, the only thing it broke was its own argument, as she forgot to point guns the right way. She quickly replaced nuttymadam3575, that hippie LJ Twitard and that chick who claimed to be in Stanford as Twilight's Twitard of the Week. It is unknown why The Black Pawn Movement continues to put up with her, but it is probably to generate enough lulz to make a video out of it.

Modus Operandi Edit

Her style of commenting on the Black Pawn Movement's videos are usually accusations that Antis are a Nazi Cult that worships a Hitler shrine, with a portrait of Stalin and Saddam flanking it. Her claim is that all Antis have raped Twilight fans, and all the attacks are mere retribution. She has also been known to make claims that Antis hate Twilight because it involves "beautiful people", and that all Antis hate Twilight because they are all ugly and can never get boyfriends. She has also been known to insult the entertainment tastes of others, namely anime and manga, almost to the point at which one can consider it racism. However, she denies this as well.

It be noted that she constantly claims that she is not shallow, and claims she has a boyfriend who is just like Edward Cullen. One should also consider that moonlight9283 has expressed an interest in anime and manga in previous comments despite her claiming to dislike it. Naturally, it should be smelling like bullshit right now.

However, it should be noted that at times she is apparently capable of intelligent discussion with the Blackpawn members about various, non-Twilight things. It is unknown why she does this, perhaps she has a split personality, or maybe she just didn't remember who she was talking to. Or if she's evading the banhammer by acting civil when the fuzz come rolling by.

moonlight9283 and her Edward-esque "boyfriend"

Shallow moonlight is shallow

Yep, she's totally not shallow, you guys.

Totally not shallow, guys

Totally not shallow...

Lulz anime hypocrite

All together now: lolwut?

Ownage by the Black Pawn Movement Edit

Even though this troll has brought many lulz, she got irritating after a while and the Black Pawn Movement decided to retaliate to the troll by starving it. Moonlight continued to try to rile up the users on the BPM channel page, but after they all ignored her for several pages, she got butthurt and started to threaten to become a hero.

Don't feed the troll!

Moonlight SPAN

Moonlight trolling the BPM channel.



Troll AccountsEdit

Proof of false reporting 1

One of many instances that show her abuse of the YouTube reporting system.

Throughout her time on YouTube, moonlight9283 has chosen to use multiple YouTube accounts. Sometimes, they are to look like she has supporters. Other times, it is because she is butthurt over the fact that she was blocked. It has actually been discovered that moonlight9283 has used multiple accounts to submit multiple reports (almost always false ones) on Anti users and videos. It appears that she has not read YouTube's say on the matter, in which they stated that a member of the staff reviews flagged videos to see if they truly violate YouTube Terms of Service. As can be assumed, simply stating one's opinion does NOT do this.
Proof of false reporting 2

ORLY, moonlight9283? Also, aren't we a bit smug?

The accounts used that have been witnessed are as follows. If you see any of these surface, don't hesitate to block them. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble.
  • moonlight9283
  • abnormalOllama
  • phoenixangelgalSUCKS
  • TheGardenofShadows
  • FlowersinAttic
  • BIackPawnMovement (biackpawnmovement)
  • TOPAZeyesOC
  • NateandBlair4Life
  • TwilightHatersRUgly
  • FuckTwilightHaters3
  • ScrewTwilightHaters
  • xEdwardCullenIsGodx
  • TwilightIsLifex

Depending on whether or not her IP has been banned, more troll accounts may show up.

The End of Moonlight9283? Edit

Moonlight9283 BAWWWing about ED

Oh lawl, she thinks Internet threats are intimidating!

After some time, moonlight9283's insults began to get quite out of hand. Well, even more so than before (if you can imagine that to be possible).

Upon the discovery of a section on her on Encyclopedia Dramatica, she began to accuse and threaten various users who frequented the Black Pawn Movement's videos, saying that she would make Encyclopedia Dramatica pages on them. She even went so far as to search for other users personal information and would subsequently ask to use said information in quite the conceited manner. It should be noted that these ED pages have yet to surface. She also began to exhibit predatory, stalker-like behavior, something that she fervently denies. Perhaps she looks to her Edward Cullen a little too much.

After having to deal with a lot of her bullshit, ^Tails^~, the creator of the Black Pawn Movement, ultimately decided to block her after a poll was taken on the Twilight Sucks forums. She quickly retaliated with many troll accounts, including one pretending to be the Black Pawn Movement itself, all of which were either promptly deleted or closed by YouTube.
Response to people calling her bluff

Her response to people calling her bluff. Also, moonlight9283 being a pretetious brat.

During the evening of July 17, 2009, it has been noted that moonlight9283's YouTube account has been closed, along with all of her other troll accounts. As to whether YouTube simply closed all of her accounts or pulled out the IP banhammer is currently unknown.

Currently, she is claiming to having a "secret account" and that she took down all of her accounts on her own accord, but we all know that wouldn't make sense.

"I will never be banned"? Your time will come, troll. Because you can't get away from the banning. The bannhammer of justice will come down on even the most obstinate of trolls one day. You just have to wait.

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