June 2nd, 2003. Stephenie Meyer is asleep, like most nights. A dream comes to her, a wonderful dream. It involves not cows devouring each other but a boy and a girl, sitting in a meadow. This dream goes on to become Twilight, forever cementing June 2nd as a huge tragedy- worse than the Lincoln Log Fire of '87. Its tragedy lies in the terrible coincidences and small failures that contributed to this dark night.

Unofficial Pre-Dream Timeline

Afternoon, Phoenix, Arizona- Stephenie Meyer takes her kids to the start of some super new swimming lessons! They'll be competent enough for cliff diving in no time!

6:26 PM, Meyer Household- The Meyer family tucks in to a charming dinner of curry with horseradish seasoning, one of Stephenie Meyer's favorite dishes to make.

8:39 PM- Stephenie Meyer, having put the kids to bed, meanders towards her bedroom, after browsing through an ice sculpture catalog a good friend sent.

8:48 PM- Meyer puts down her romance novel. But holy crow, it was just getting to the good part!
8:50 PM- Stephenie smooths her pillow.

8:51 PM- Stephenie continues to smooth her pillow, relentless in her quest to get out every crease.

9:20 PM- Following requests for a glass of water, Stephenie rises and brings it to her restless children, the little chimpanzees. She returns to her bedroom at 9:21 PM.

9:30 PM- That darn pillow!

9:31 PM- Meyer finally drifts off.

The Chilling Vision

A boy and a girl sat in a meadow helpfully described as in the woods, having a conversation that can only be described as TOTALLY RADICAL. The boy, identified as a vampire by his stylish sparkles and penchant for brooding, had a problem. As a vampire, he was very attracted to the scent of her blood, and worse, they were falling in love! How could he resist killing her right then and there? How could he toil on much longer when he thought she'd be delicious? The power of love, apparently. And lots of deer.

A transcript of this horrid apparition exists, but it is contained in a tome so horrible I dare not speak its name, appearing aptly as Chapter Thirteen.

Meyer's Dream

Meyer had a dream that one day, extremely sparkly vampires and fairly translucent humans would one day be able to join hands as star-crossed lovers, that one day, apples of all colors would be treated fairly and justly, and have their rightful place on the cover, as truly esoteric symbolism. She had a dream that every meadow would be magical, every Olympic Peninsula made rainy, and all Indians would have adaptable folklore, all of it would be the same in the eyes of the fangirls.



Her vision shaped the world into a place where you don't need to do research.

Fanfiction Ensues

Because of that vivid dream, Meyer discovered something called, by experts, "being inspired by your dreams". This novel practice motivated her and led her to ponder the dream more.

The vampire, who she described as "darned good looking", seemed to have a story, a past behind his smoldering (presumably topaz) eyes. Meyer wanted to tell people, but she decided that to keep the vision from fading by writing it all down. She started after a while, working at Stephen King speed to finish her story, which was at this point meant only for the eyes of her friends. She sequestered herself, throwing her heart into her story. Who cared if her kids couldn't ride trikes around safely anymore? SMeyer didn't want her story to fade!

The result? Well, you know...


A little-known sequel occurred, as discussed in an interview with Meyer. It is differentiated from Stephenie's normal dreams by its amount of truth. One night, Meyer was sleeping on the couch, and experienced something similar to sleep paralysis. According to Meyer, Edward stormed in menacingly, confronting his author. Edward told Stephenie that she'd gotten it all wrong, and he was a normal vampire. Stephenie Meyer described this as very frightening.

When your own creation tells you you've screwed up, you know something is wrong. It was simply a matter of time. We all still hope that someday Edward will be successful in killing her, thus preventing more shit coming out of her.

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