On her website, Stephenie Meyer has posted several claims "defending" her series and claims the antis have made. When you read them, you sometimes get the feeling that she has no idea what she is talking about. Other times her "arguments" can be easily countered.

"I am all about Girl Power. Look at Alice and Jane." Edit

This is what Smeyer said when she was approached with the idea of her being anti-feminist. One begins to wonder if she understands what 'feminism' is.

"Oh look at me, I'm SMeyer and I'm so EMPOWERING with muh GIRL POWER"

And one quickly realizes not, upon learning that she thinks of herself as a feminist because "I love women, I have a lot of girlfriends, I admire them, they make so much more sense to me than men, and I feel like the world is a better place when women are in charge. So that kind of by default makes me a feminist." Notice that she says nothing about women's rights and equality because wimmens shouldn't have any power. If she wasn't already thought of as an idiot bitch adult body with a mind of a 13 year old, this would have proved it.

Here's why she is not "all about Girl Power"

Alice is Bella's best friend, but any points her loyalty may have won her are often negated by her preoccupation with fashion. This is not to say that women are not allowed to have a taste for traditionally "girly" things, but rather that Meyer's argument loses steam when one realizes that Alice's other personality traits number approximately two. Her super Meyerpire power is also less than reliable when it comes to anything non-trivial. Alice's visions are often highly unreliable and change so often that they can hardly be trusted. They are even less useful when it comes to werewolves and the Antichrist festering in Bella's womb. Now look at the male Meyerpires' powers: They are often far more reliable and precise. Is it because women are less reliable than men?

And now Jane. She is quite possibly the strongest female character in the book, but to be fair, that doesn't take a lot. Compare her to other literary females and you will see how she lacks. Jane was meant to act like a miniature, blonde Bellatrix Lestrange. The difference between the two is vast. Bellatrix Lestrange, clever and ruthless, made her own choice to join the Death Eaters. Jane, on the other hand, never made a choice in her life, as her joining the Volturi was a decision made by others. She is just a pawn in The Volturi's game. Every move she makes, she is told to make it by the heads of the Volturi (which by the way are all men).

It may also be worth noting that if one of Meyer's two memorable feminist icons is a pretty damn minor character. Not to mention: there are only TWO women in the ENTIRE series that she claims have girl power?!

"I am not a good writer. I am a good storyteller." Edit

From the Wikipedia definition of storytelling:

"The art of narrative is by definition a highly aesthetic enterprise, and there are a number of aesthetic elements that typically interact in well-developed stories. Such elements include the essential idea of narrative structure, with identifiable beginnings, middles and ends or exposition-development-climax-resolution-denouement, normally constructed into coherent plot lines; a strong focus on temporality that includes retention of the past, attention to present action, and protention/future anticipation; a substantial focus on characters and characterization."

Since Smeyer does little or none of these, she is not a storyteller. There is no identifiable beginning, middle or end to the Twilight shitfest series. Since there is no climax, there can be no resolution and if you want to talk about a coherent plotline, well then look at Renesmee Cullen. There are characters, but there is no proper characterization since they don't change or have a characteristic other than "perfect."

And you're right Smeyer, you're not a good writer at all. In fact, you're a terrible writer. If you already knew this, then why did you go and publish that shitfest saga of yours?

Oh, wait. She wasn't even going to publish it in the first place. Her sister had to give her a good kick in the rear to get her to send it out to publishers. If only her sister hadn't read it.

"I am anti human." Edit

Is that why you scarred humanity for the rest of time with that crappy book series? And how exactly can you be "Anti-human" if you ARE ONE yourself? You're basically "Anti-self", am I not right? I mean, you're basically hating your OWN race. But I guess that could explain all the racism in your books...

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