Luminosity is a Twilight alternate universe fanfiction. In this fanfiction, Bella is a strong, independent character and Edward Cullen is a genuinely likable character, even if he sparkles, that doesn't show any stalker tendencies.

This story introduces witches, changes Renesmee's name for Elspeth (In Bella words "a portmanteau of Reneé and Esme would sound as a Pokémon name"), and makes The Volturi to look evil and badass.

Written by Alicorn, the series can be found here

Some important changes:

  • Bella Swan, becomes a rational and strong character, who actually does stuff and even plots to take over The Volturi. She even manages to defeat James by the pure power of manipulation.
  • Introduces witches, humans with a magical power (the term is also used for vampires with magical powers too) a concept implied in canon, but not outright stated
  • Many events happen much faster. Bella finds out about vampires after the van incident, where she was rescued by Alice.
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