1. Lord Sparklesnot
  2. Warted Cunt - Since wart is kinda in the name and so is the first two letters in cunt.
  3. Warted Colon - Since Cullen sounds like Colon
  4. Fairy Boy - Sparkle Sparkle
  6. Cedric's Zombie - Edward's actor played Cedric in Harry Potter

    Cuz he's so emo

  7. Twinkle Toes - One of the first nicknames for Edward.
  8. Mr. Conductor - The way he sparkles might remind some anti's of that dude from Thomas and the magic railroad and his gold dust
  9. Ice Pokemon - He's cold as ice
  10. Queer-assed pervy loser - He once tried rape and kill Dori and Gura, so they both called him that
  11. Captain Sparkly-pants
  12. Edwart Mullen - in Nightlight
  13. Disco Ball
  14. Gaywanker - He is reknowned for his male on male orgies
  15. Dicksucking Cullen - Self-explanatory.
  16. Ice Cream Cake- Well, he's 'pale and cold'...
  17. Tinkerbell's gay brother - A nickname given by YouTuber Razor9350
  18. Eddikins
  19. Sparklefag
  20. Edvard
  21. Squidward (The sad thing is that a superior character in a cartoon series actually has this name. No wonder he's cranky)
  22. Ice Queen-Because he's cold and sparkles like a girl (Fem!Ice King is better than this 'Ice Queen')
  23. Ed-wierd
  24. The Sparklepire
  25. The Meyerpire
  26. Sparkly Pixie
  27. Captain Boy-Cum
  28. 108 Year-Old- Virgin
  29. Fagius McFagicus The Fagicythird.
  30. Creepy McStalkersparkle (An accurate description as well as a nickname)
  31. He-who-must-not-sparkle
  32. Emoward
  33. Edtard
  34. Meyer's Wet Dream
  35. Meyer's Sex Fantasy
  36. Gary Stu (that's what he is)
  37. Emo Git
  38. Emo Bastard
  39. He-who-should-not-exist
  40. Stone Dildo
  41. Sparkly Dildo
  42. Team Necrophilia
  43. Fagward
  44. Abusive Asshole
  45. Edturd
  46. Crapward
  47. Edward Diggory, Cedric's evil twin (not that Edward is cool enough to go to Hogwarts)
  48. Twilight Sparkle wannnabe
  49. Pedophile
  50. Eddie McSparklefuck
  51. You-Know-Who-Stinks, because You-Know-Who is just to cool for that jerk.
  52. Edderp
  53. Smellward
  54. SCP-001-V, mentally unstable and incapable of erection.
  55. Meg Griffin. Because nobody likes him.
  56. Disgrace from Chicago, Illnois (Chicago, Illnois is awesome. Edward isn't.)
  57. Mr. Sparklepants
  58. Sparkly Emo Asshat
  59. The stalker next door
  60. Mr. Maniac-Depressive Pedophile
  61. Pixieboy
  62. Edsparkle Cullen
  63. Captain Whinypants
  64. Unwitting Pawn
  65. Shovel Face
  66. Sparklepooper
  67. Edwart
  68. Sparklefingers (AAAAAAANNDDD.... with the release of SHAZAM! Billy Batson himself is looking for Edward Cullen and challenge him to a duel, in which it won't be a duel since Billy destroys Edward cullen by just saying "SHAZAM!" and electrocuting him!
  69. Sparklewanker
  70. Sparkleknickers
  71. Misogynist
  72. Sparkly Rapist
  73. An Axe Murderer (said by Robert Pattinson himself)
  74. Edgelord wannabe ('cuz he makes real edgelords look like normal people)
  75. Wardo (Growing Up Cullen for the win)
  76. Shovelface (Bestowed upon by the Honest Trailers for the movies!)
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