Oh, God. It's still going.

Life and Death is Twilight "re-imagined". What we're actually given is the exact same book with all the genders swapped (except, strangely enough, for Charlie), but the ending is changed because even the fans are starting to get tired of this and because Meyer is sexist.

Life and Death itself Edit

In Life and Death, Meyer tells the story of Bella Beau (short for Beaufort), a human boy, and Edward Edythe, a vampire girl. It is pretty much Twilight word for word except for the changes in the characters names.

Twilight: He used to go fishing with us over the summer

Life and Death: She and her husband used to go fishing with us over the summer

Twilight: Well, Billy's done a lot of work on the engine...

Life and Death: Well, Bonnie's had a lot of work done on the engine...

See the difference?

The main character swaps include Jacob (Julie or Jules), Carlisle (Carine), Esme (Earnest), Alice (Archie), Rosalie (Royal), Emmett (Eleanor), Jasper (Jessamine), Billy Black (Bonnie Black), James (Joss - Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans are outraged), Laurent (Lauren), and Victoria (Victor).

And that is legitimately all you need to know if you've read Twilight.

Wait, it's supposed to COMBAT gender stereotypes?! Edit

Meyer said that she created Life and Death to show that Twilight "is just a love story. It doesn't matter who's the boy and who's the girl". Antis also believe she needed an excuse to prove the Bella isn't a damsel in distress.

What she's done, however, is create a protagonist that is even less realistic and sympathetic than her first narrator.

Because Beau's thought are exactly like Bella's, he doesn't come off as a believable teenage boy. Yes, teen boys can cry and otherwise behave in ways that are stereotypically considered to be "unmasculine", but if they're read as teen girls, which Beau is, than there is a problem.

And I know that Meyer was trying to show that her female characters can be strong too with Edythe, but all she's really doing is backing up a stereotype that a woman has to be spectacular to hold a guy's attention.

Just gender-swapping without changing the actual character doesn't work. Meyer has the girls as masculine and the boys as feminine. All they've done is switch bodies.

If this isn't enough, take a look at the ending. In Twilight, Edward is able to suck the venom out of Bella to save her from being turned. But in Life and Death, Edythe isn't able to do the same for Beau and he gets turned at the end. So what Meyer is saying is that boys are more efficient than girls and can do anything better. Great message, Steph.

Fans hate it too! Edit

Here are a few direct quotes from longtime Twilight fans:

"I picked up “Life and Death: Twilight Re-imagined” out of curiosity. I had no expectations going in. Knowing what I know now, I have only one question to ask. Why did Stephenie Meyer think this book was a good idea? I’m not going to lie. I spent a great deal of time peeking through my fingers as I read due to second-hand embarrassment. Stephenie Meyer basically wrote a glorified fan-fiction of her own book."

"I thought it would be a gender-swap, which sounded interesting. I enjoyed Twilight when I was a kid. This, though, is the exact same story, word for word, line for line, with pronouns and names switched. That’s it. It’s hard to read, I can barely get through it, because it’s the SAME story, and I keep getting the characters mixed up in my head because, for example, now Beau is saying the EXACT same things that Bella did, and Edythe is saying the same things Edward did, when I read this novel a thousand times ten years ago. I mean, I knew it was the same story, but I’d hoped it wouldn’t be line for line the same. I was hoping it’s be similar lines, at least, or the same storyline but paraphrased. No paraphrasing at all here. Oh well. Disappointing."

And these are the people who defended Twilight to the death back in the day!

Timing. Kind of a critical issue Edit

Probably part of the reason Life and Death has received such bad reviews is that it's been about ten years since Twilight first came out and the fans are now older, and in many cases wiser. It also didn’t help this book that the last Twilight movie was released three years prior, and after that, the fan base began to dwindle rapidly. Meyer's precious fanbase is slipping away from her as they finally realize what a crappy writer she is. And Life and Death gave them a push in that direction.

Hopefully, after the leaking of Midnight Sun and the failure of this shit fanfiction book, we have finally seen the last of the Twilight series. Except that the Midnight Sun book is happening. On the upside, Life and Death doesn’t leave itself open for reimaginings of the sequels (thus sparing us Renesmee Renearnest Cullen, among other crazy moments) Even so, since some of the most hardcore fans are turning Anti, there is reason for hope. Maybe Midnight Sun will fail after all.

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