Leah Clearwater
Leah Clearwater
Species Meyerwolf
Wolf Color Grey
Location La Push
Relationship Status Single
Flaws Being the only SMeyer female with an ounce of self-respect
Father Harry Clearwater
Mother Sue Clearwater
Twu Luv Being in the same universe as Bella as the somewhat antagonist, she doesn't deserve a twu love.
Brother Seth Clearwater
Second cousin Emily Young

Leah Clearwater is the only female werewolf, and also the only character who remains sane and thinks Bella is a manipulative whiner right to the end of the series. She was Sam's fiance, but he abandoned her for her cousin, and mutilated said cousin when she protested. Her cousin then instantly became afraid of him fell in love with him because who can resist that kind of abuse devotion?

Leah is likely one of the few characters actually liked, or at least sympathized with, by a number of Antis because of all the trouble she goes through with no happy ending, unlike perfect Bella Swan, who only has to trip and land (no pun intended) in hers with no real effort on her part. In the debate over imprinting, Leah is among the most commonly used examples against it, along with pedophilia (Jacob and Nessie), child grooming (Claire and Quil), and abuse (Sam and Emily).

New Moon and Eclipse Edit

Leah and her brother Seth transform into wolves during the events of New Moon, though this is not revealed until Eclipse, mainly because the author forgot about that plothole until after the book was published and had to fill it in after the fact. It is later revealed that the shock from her transformations is what caused her father to suffer a fatal heart attack in New Moon; what significance this holds to the books and plot (or lack thereof) has yet to be revealed.

After the horrible betrayal by the man she loved and the girl she considered a sister, she becomes vindictive and bitchy, though not blond; no doubt that last is merely a lapse on Smeyer's part, or a result of confining elements beyond her control, i.e. all Native Americans have Dark Hair And Black Eyes And Russet Skin. In Eclipse, during their fight with Victoria's newborn army, she is foolishly allowed into the fight by Sam who should have known better than to let a weak, Smeyer-written female into a battle. Leah tried to prove herself by fighting a newborn vampire alone, but being female obviously handicapped her to the point where she was incapable of doing anything heroic, or even moderately effective. This gave Jacob a chance to play the hero and knock her out of the way before she got her weak female self killed, conveneintly giving Bella more to angst over, and the antis more to not give a crap about. Obviously, this absolute uselessness, even with superpowers, is a common theme with females in the Twilight books (see the article on Bella Swan.)

Role as a Female Edit

Leah is unable to have children, because in Meyerland one cannot simultaneously have feminine things like pregnancy and birth, and superpowers: it would destroy SMeyer's twisted misogynistic worldview. The exception to this rule is Bella Marie Swan, who as Meyer's self insert, needs to have it all. Leah's infertility, like that of most of the other female "protagonists", is a great source of whining and panic to her (she describes herself as a "genetic dead end"). However in her case, since she is an almost-antagonist, she gets torn down and villified for it instead of given loads of admiration and sympathy. Being a werewolf also means that she is the only girl in a group of boys, which creates a fair bit of awkwardness, which they naturally blame on her, on the grounds that she probably got her life turned upside down, lost her father, and gave up her privacy just to spite them. Between this, and her totally unreasonable bitchiness at being forced to directly experience her ex-fiance fantasizing about her cousin while he treats her like dirt, all the "good" characters pretty much conclude she's a worthless bitter harpy.

It was hoped that Leah and Jacob Black, being two people facing the similar circumstances of losing the one they loved, would grow into a relationship themselves. Fans were bitterly disappointed with the release of Breaking Dawn, in which—in an attempt to have a "quick fix" and not have to bother with making her characters do anything the believable hard way—Jacob imprints upon his ex's baby daughter, Renesmee.

At the end of the series Bella Marie considers Leah "Sad," while Leah considers the Cullens- and Bella - to be stuck up hussies whom she doesn't need pity from. Bella-sue is afraid of Leah (just like she was of Rosalie until they became "friends" in Breaking Dawn) because, it seems, Leah doesn't like her..

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