Laurent is a nomad Meyerpire who was with James and Victoria when he first met the Cullens, and who left the fight because he was afraid of James. He went to live with the Denali coven for a while, during which time he hooked up with Irina, but decided he wasn't really into "Vegetarianism", so he quit. In New Moon he comes to Forks to scout as a favor to Victoria, and he tries to kill Bella (yay!), to the Antis delight, but as he was doing it out of hunger this can only be attributed to being a real vampire (as real as the sparklepires get anyway) and not necessarily to any desire to spare us the other books. Rats! Well at least he wants to kill her, isn't that enough?(Yes, yes it is)

Unfortunately, the werewolves intervened before Bella was killed and chased down Laurent, destroying him before he could spare us of the pain that is that Mary Sue ABOMINATION!!! (*swearing, destroying things, trying to kill self, etc*)

Irina is pissed at Bella for some reason over this (as if we didn't know), presumably because her hair color is blond. But that's not really that bad because in Breeding Spawn Breaking Dawn she dies, presumably of anticlimaxitis, and joins Laurent in hell. Don't you love a happy ending?

Laurent and bella

Supposed vampire killing machine showing more emotion than his prey.

Also, in The Movie, he was played by a black man with quite dark skin, even though he was described as having olive skin, contradicting the book's whole "you lose pigmentation in your skin, regardless of race" thing, presumably to take away from the racism in the books. The movie didn't make him sparkle in the sun, and that maybe a sign of director showing the middle finger to New Moon script / bitches haven't you heard black marble is f--ing expensive that Laurent is the only legit vampire in Twilight.

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