Lauren is described as a stuck up bitch with curly blonde hair. She is one of Bella Swan's many enemies. Bella can not understand why Lauren doesn't like her, because who could not like perfect little Bella? Maybe she can see that Bella is not as speshul as every other idiot in her school thinks. Maybe she read the books and realized that Bella is a whiney bitch. Maybe she has a right to dislike anyone she wants to dislike. The world may never know.[1] In New Moon, Lauren cut off all her hair. Stephenie Meyer later said in that she was approached by a fake modeling company in the mall. Quote from

Ha ha. I had fun imagining this one—I only wished that it had fit into the book somewhere. Lauren fell victim to the "model discovered in the mall" scam. An alleged modeling agent approached Lauren in a mall in Victoria, B.C., and told her she was a natural model. Lauren ate it up. The agent told her that if she did something edgy with her hair, and took some high quality head shots, her future was assured. Lauren followed the instructions—dropping fifteen grand on the pictures taken by the agent's partner—and waited for her career to begin. She's still waiting. Snort.

Spiteful Bitch!

Why is Stephenie Meyer mean to this character?


Blonde hair = evil

Very Simple. She's blonde, and for some unknown reason (bad high school experience has been considered) SMeyer hates blondes, as shown in many of characters such as Rosalie and Tanya. SMeyer eventually got her revenge on the probably non-fictional character by not featuring her in any of the films. Being put into this crappy book series is the ultimate revenge against the probably nonfictional girl.


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