La Bella Italia  is the super special Italian restaurant in Port Angeles where Edward took Bella in Twilight

Restaurant Edit

La Bella Italia is a charming place, perfect for forcing your girlfriend to order Coke and/or the mushroom ravioli while discussing how amazing, godlike, scintillating, and generally supernatural you are.  If that's not your thing, the restaurant offers waitresses to dazzle.  If you plan to have an important discussion, it's essential to do so here, since it's apparently private enough that no one will hear you.  La Bella Italia is the perfect restaurant for those who want to sit around and think about the deep, pressing things in life: sex, money, and their cat, according to Edward. 

Menu Edit

Their signature beverage is Coke, if Twilight can be believed. Bella Italia, at least in real life, offers Italian cuisine.  Guess Edward better watch out.  Those interested in the menu in real life can access it at their website.   Note the existence of "Bella's Mushroom Ravioli" under Pasta.  

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As a Twilight Destination Edit

Recently, the restaurant has gained a bit of fame due to its desirability as the place of Bella and Edward's very first date. The restaurant owners are proud to be the official Twilight restaurant and seem ready to revel in the benefits of this status. Hopefully, this will improve business instead of draw in flocks of loitering fangirls. Those looking for 'La Bella Italia' best do a bit of research and find that the name is simply Bella Italia.

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La Bella Italia Website

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