Knuckle Supper... the legitimate "anti-Twilight" book.

Los Angeles' drugs are run by the undead. When the LA heroin-addicted vampire and gang leader named RJ reluctantly takes in a twelve year-old prostitute called Bait, humanity is introduced to his otherwise lifeless existence. An unforgiving, vicious and realistic horror story, Knuckle Supper explores chemical dependency, inner-city brutality, religion, molestation, abortion and the very nature of evil itself.

"It’s a drug-fueled, modern-day vampire saga that reads like a bloodsucking sequel to 1979‘s The Warriors written by James Ellroy. And fans of hardcore horror fiction take blissful note: Stepek’s wicked prose can cut awfully deep."

Ryan Daley / Bloody Disgusting

"If you took the brute killing force from the vampires in 30 Days of Night, mixed it with the heroin lifestyle of Sid and Nancy then threw it in the environment of The Warriors, added a pinch of the Catholic church, and wrapped it up in a package for humanity, you would have Knuckle Supper."

Jason Bayless / Zombie Popcorn

"Knuckle Supper is a game changer, to be sure, and this has got to be one of the most original vampire works ever created; with it, Stepek turns the entire vampire mythos on its head and fully slays the almost-dead,angst-ridden, sparkly vampire once and for all. "

James Gormley / Vampire Books Navigator

"Although Drew Stepek definitely carves his own niche in the paranormal word; succeeding in putting a sick, modern twist on the oft-depicted vampire — there’s definitely no danger of any of Stepek’s characters sparkling in the sun."

Renee C Fountain / Book Fetish

"There will never be a voice claiming Mr. Stepek is devoid of detail. It is truly, undeniably, the nastiest first chapter of a book I have ever read."

Derwood Hunsdale-Talbot / The Written Word

"A hard-core, punk-infused, street life laced story that ushers the classic vampire story into a realistic, modern day setting. But don't let that fool you. This is not the watered-down, diluted Twilight crap that's being fed to the mass public."

Tiffany DuFoe / Cult Radio a Go Go

"Stepek's take on vampires is the most innovative that I've seen in years. He took a creature that has grown tired and soft in today's media and made it harsh, powerful and interesting again."

James "Spez" Ferguson / Horrortalk

"Dark, dirty, and excessively violent, Knuckle Supper is a repugnant tale of the consequences of life style choices blanketed in the macabre. RATING: A."

Chris Zimmerman / Comic Book Bin

"Knuckle Supper has a permanent place on my ‘keeper’ shelf. If you’re looking for the ‘anti-Twilight’, or a different kind of vampire novel, or just something fun and unique, grab a copy of Knuckle Supper."

Superheidi / Fangirltastic

"Find the back alley that lurks behind your favorite bookstore and travel to its darkest end. Here, huddled and hooded you will find the lost and Drew Stepek’s Knuckle Supper will most surely be their meal of choice."

Hari Navarro / Hell Street Journal

"What begins as an outspoken, unglamourous story about street life and abuse turns into a condemnation of religious fundamentalism. Stepek doesn't hold back and the book is, at times, a dirty, violent read."

Dive Mistress / Zombots!

"It has been called the anti-Twilight book. However, Drew Stepek’s Knuckle Supper is more than a simple rejection of the romanticized vampire. Indeed, it is a rejection of all things vanilla. Packed with violence, drugs, and anything revolting, this book will have you scrubbing your skin in the shower. "

Becky Sayers / The Horror Effect

"After reading this gritty horror tale, I was eager to speak with the author about the inspiration behind this novel."

Lori Titus / Flashes in the Dark

"The ideas contained within the pages are put forth with all the subtlety of a baseball bat to the face, and that’s what makes it a hell of a read."

Josh Haney / Horror Punks

"A look at a violent existence, living off the streets and the bodies of helpless victims. Mix that with the sadness of child exploitation, and this becomes one of those stories that isn't easy to get out of your head."

Jeani Rector / The Horror Zine

"It's enjoyable to flip the pages of a story that is caked in blood of a pimp or gang member and not have to deal with a flowery romantic view on vampires."

Nikki / Hey Look Behind You!

"If the desolate wasteland of A Clockwork Orange haunted you for years or decades, then Knuckle Supper is ready to pick up where Anthony Burgess left off."

Clayton Bye / The Deepening

"Knuckle Supper is a dark portrayal of addiction and life outside of mainstream society. It is potentially and allegory of man’s own inhumanity and the dearth of justice for the denizens of the edges."

Jerry Actually / Upstarter!

"Nothing is left to the imagination in terms of describing viciousness; and ample opportunities are seized to throw in horror related laughs."

Sheila Merritt / Hellnotes

"I must warn readers that this novel doesn’t hold back, and while many fans of vampire fiction may be accustomed to the gruesome nature of such horror stories, they may not be used to the brutally honest inner city street life that is displayed upon these pages."

William Malmborg / Disturbing Tales

"Stepek's blistering, punk infused prose pumps life and heart into street denizens we usually hurriedly walk past and/or around. An audacious street epic with heat and grit so carefully crafted and realized, you'll want to take a shower."

Paul Zimmerman / Geek Monthly Magazine; Femme Fatales

"Though painfully evil, beneath the turbulence and wanton drug abuse, you'll find a searing indictment aimed at addiction and sexual exploitation. By the end, we find ourselves reminded about human misery and the price of the soul. Knuckle Supper makes us wonder who the monster is here - the human or the vampire...? Gut-wrenching stuff..."

Simon Marshall-Jones / Book Geeks

“In some strange alternate reality, Iceberg Slim wrote a splatterpunk riff on Less than Zero andKnuckle Supper was the unholy spawn.”

Gabe Soria / Life Sucks

"Drew Stepek's Knuckle Supper hits you like a sucker punch to the gut. It's smart and downright sick which makes it an utterly engrossing read. Leave it to Stepek to create the anti-Twilight."

Mark A. Altman / Castle; The Unknowns; Elvis Van Helsing

"Drew Stepek is a splatterpunk Mickey Spillane, doling out rough justice to the creeps you'd meet on Hollywood Boulevard, and taking back the night one star at a time."

Paul Cullum / L.A. Weekly; Film Threat; Arthur

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