Contrary to popular belief (among Twihards/tards anyway) Bella's clumsiness does not constitute a sufficient flaw. It does not make Bella a more complex character, give her any depth or personality, or cause character development. It does not make her less of a Mary Sue, as her clumsiness is treated in the books as cute, and serves primarily to provide her with opportunities to fall charmingly into Edward's arms and bitch about how awful life is.


Wah wah I am so clumsy I wanna die wah wah

Besides, if you've read the book, you can see that there are no examples of "clumsiness" in the story, ex: Does she trip while in school??(Note: she was nervous, tripping could be understandable) NO. Does she accidentally break things, or they slip from her hands?? NO. Does she bump into things? NO. The only time it has any supposed plot relevance is when she is cut in New Moon (unfortunately the injury is non-fatal) and that was actually one of the few injuries she sustained in the series that was not due to her own idiocy clumsiness.

Paper-cuts are a normal part of life, not "clumsiness," and the fact that her moronic boyfriend threw her across the room because he was upset isn't her fault. Finally there is the fact that in Creeping Fawn Breaking Dawn when she becomes a Meyerpire, she becomes "very graceful, even for a vampire," with no effort at all on her part, so, as Eddykins would say, it's a moot point.

Unlike in the books, the shit-fest movie version of Twilight actually explored Bella's a few minutes in a volleyball game. From then on, she is about as Mary Sue and speshul as she is in the books.

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