Hey this is Arcticmist and Wikia Contributer that was banned on the 11th of January. I don't know why I was banned the first time. So now I am fed up with this crappy Wiki. I made the account cheesemonster66 just to get revenge on the ant twilight community. And oh Razor9350 I am talking to you you shouldn't have called me a twitroll because I hate twilight. So you asked why do I hate anti twilight and twilight you wonder? Well we are a new brand of epic people who hate twilight and anti twilight and want revenge on both I call us the E.P.W.H.T.A.A.T (Epic people who hate twilight and anti twilight) . And make fun of me because I spelled deleted deleated so what no one can have perfect spelling all the time. Sure ban me but I'll just keep coming back again and again. I can get past your account creation blocked amazingly easily. And if your wondering who made me this mad it IS ALL CHAVEZORGRAM'S FAULT! I hope your happy that you made someone out to get your wiki and a new form of people that will rule the world

A message from a sane contributor: Articmist, my hopelessly confused friend, if you are so fed up with "this crappy wiki," why are you still wasting your time on it? Don't you have a job or a family to keep you busy? And about the ban, get over it and move on! Bye!

Okay I see that someone banned the person who editied this after me. They only typed the second paragraph which is not trolling at all. Unless the guidelines of trolling changed overnight. I would like you to lift their ban as it was wrong.

I think the message we got from this is: Tell people why they are getting banned in the FIRST PLACE. It would probably ward off a lot of trolls. I mean don't just give the reason cite the edit(s) they were being band for.

I've moved on in life now and I must say that I (Arcticmist, Cheesemonster66, the MonsterinYourCloset, The MonsterComingToEatYou, or whatever other accounts I made) am sorry for being a troll. Seriously, I was just goofing around.  That was a long time ago and I've grown up.

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