Sirius Black


Contrary to unpopular belief, Sirius Black is not a rip-off of Jacob Black, for the following reasons:

  1. Because Harry Potter was written first.
  2. Because J.K. Rowling is too awesome to copy-off of the devil mormon Stephenie Meyer.
  3. Also, Sirius Black is much better, despite similarities.
  4. Because his name is Sirius!
  5. Both ride motorcycles, but Sirius's FLIES!
  6. Both turn into dogs, but Sirius turns into an IRISH WOLFHOUND! How can you not like an Irish Wolfhound?
  7. Sirius is not a pedophile.
  8. While Sirius is dead, and we want him to live, Jacob lives and we want him to die.
  9. Sirius doesn't need to strip or ruin his clothing everytime he turns into a wolf, unlike Jacob pedowolf.
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