It seems that the hatred for Twilight has taken itself to the television of the internet. Youtube, that is.

As many members here have already discovered, there are many rabid Twitards raiding the vast corners of Youtube. Their rants seem to be generally immature and/or pointless. Such people would include the famed Nuttymadam. Fortunately, though, there are a few people (okay, more than a few) who are defending us in intelligent ways.

A few videos that must be recognized are such as by FoolsDothThink. Martige is another person who should be recognized, along with their video 'Twilight Sucks-An Intelligent Rant'. Another added plus is that these people can easily take down Twitards without making us look like total jerks (although, according to Twitards, we're soo much worse than that for not liking sparkley eddeykins).

FoolsDothThink on Youtube

I am sure that some of you will find these videos entertaining, enlightening, and stress relieving. They might even restore your faith in humanity. Remember, we are in it for the lulz, as some say. Here's to intelligent antis!


P.S. I know the majority of you already know about this, but it's for any newbies out there. (Pardon the term)

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