We have. How much were you betting? All your Twilight ‘merchandise’? We certainly hope so.

There is an astonishing correlation between people who dislike Twilight, and intelligent, well-read people who believe in logic and common sense. This may be because most people who are intelligent and well-read and believe in logic and common sense have the experience necessary to recognize Twilight as the giant heaping pile of sparklepire-y fail that it is. Such people commonly believe that you cannot critique things you know nothing about, and many have read Twilight purely for the purpose of making their own decision as to its quality.
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Not all books are perfect

Some might even have enjoyed it somewhat (I know, it's a shock: you can like a book while still recognizing its flaws.) Many more tried to read it and gave up after a few chapters of the Cheesy Purple Prose of Death, trying to save what brain cells they could. However, the majority of us have read the books from end to end, exerting maximum self-control to keep from dashing our own brains out on the worst bits. If you doubt us, try reading some of this site. You will note such things as that the article on "Volturi" are a little more extensive than "uh we don't know, but some fangirl said she'd send them after us." We read them. We thought about them. We hated them. Deal with it.
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