Most of the people who hate Twilight, do so because they have experience with actual literature, and can recognize a bad fake. People who read books in their spare time also have a tendency to be intelligent and logical, and it is not logical to critique a book you don't know about.


Tea was served

Many antis forced themselves through the entire, agonizing series so that they would be able to discuss it intelligently or give their own reviews of these pieces of.... Contrary to popular belief among idiots Twilight fans, it is possible to read and understand something even if you do not enjoy it. It's called self discipline. Others actually enjoyed it, because they have the sort of sense of humour that finds massive piles of literary fail enormously funny, ergo literary MST3K was born. Besides, if we don't read the books, we would be validating your arguement of I BET U HAVNT EVN RED TEH BUX!!!. See, it's called logic. We get it. You don't.

Oh, don't think we bought it (at least not for reading...). There's .pdf files floating around on BitTorrent and there's a blog that has a (slightly poor) transcribed copy of the entire series, word-for-word, so we can skip all that pesky downloading. The only thing that would make us happier is if Twilight was mysteriously moved to a GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL to the non-Luddite).

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