• They make characters more believable and possible to relate to.
  • They give characters real personality.
  • They create character development.
  • They help cause conflict in the story.
  • Therefore, characters are more likeable.


"Flaws" in this context means problems that either make them more human and relatable, or that cause real problems for them in the story and are treated as such. Edward and Bella are about as relatable as a pile of jelly. They are both physically perfect, and their pseudo-flaws are either hardly present (Edward's "overwhelming" thirst) or effectively an advantage (Bella's cute, fragile "klutziness"). Yes they are respectively abusive and shallow, but that is something observed by readers of the book and not acknowledged in the story itself. No one tells Bella off for mistreating her friends. No one calls Edward on his abusive behavior. In terms of the world within Twilight, Edward and Bella are seen as perfect as can be by the whole of the populace no matter what acts of stupidity, selfishness, or anger they commit. If it takes the reader to point out a flaw that is not held as such within the boundaries of the series, it doesn't count as a character flaw. 

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This is how you work with flaws and character development

In fact, Stephenie Meyer didn't even intend for these flaws to exist in the first place. Unless toxic, abusive, possessive, pedophilic manchildren actually get her panties wet (which, unfortunately, they probably do). Because the characters weren't supposed to have those flaws anyway, the Twihard's arguments are invalid.

The best example for such a real flaw is the pride of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. As everyone can see that characters flaw is even stated in the title of the book. The book is about it and another characteristic flaw - having prejudices. Even if Mr. Darcy does look good - which is stated by several different characters - his flaw, being proud, is overshadowing it.

Compared to Bella and Edward, we see that the opposite is the case. Bella is seen as selfless (see Midnight Sun) and Edward as a perfect gentleman (see Bella's countless annoying characterizations of his sparkly flowery pink perfectness). So no one - not the shitty author, nor the characters within the story, the narrator or the twitards - recognize those flaws.

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