Unfortunately, Twiparents do exist.  Twidads are significantly rarer than Twimoms, but they still exist.  Here at Frozen Apples, we have devised some handy tips for dealing with these two breeds of creature. 

If you have a TwimomEdit

This can be difficult,

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Better than Twilight

depending on how much of a fanatic she is. 

Early detection of Twitardation is essential. If you are already close with your mother, and you notice she is taking an interest in Twilight, the first course is to reason with her. Do not allow this to alienate the two of you.  If possible, try to remind her of her own healthy relationships and compare them with the one demonstrated in

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Better than Twilight

Twilight. (If, however, your mother has been in a series of unhealthy or abusive relationships, you must instead point out that she is romanticizing the situation she has experienced and should seek professional help.) Emphasize the illegal behaviours Edward participates in- Breaking and Entering, for example.

If the obsession has set in, you are likely too late. However, motive is an important factor when dealing with Twitard parents.

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Some actions can be taken according to unique situations.

If she has taken up reading Twilight to "feel younger" and seem "cool" to your friends: Explain to her how none of your friends reads Twilight (if they do, then you really need to read the article on dealing with Twitard friends to rectify the situation.) Note exactly HOW MUCH younger and less mature she appears by indulging in a series based on physical infatuation and the "Bad Boy" mystique. Gently remind her that she isn't twelve.

If she reads it for the deep storylines, compelling

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This>>> Twilight

characters and beautifully executed prose: Hit her with a frying pan. She'll be better off, I promise.

If she is an established follower of trends: Wait for it to pass. Hopefully an Oprah's Book Club pick will grab her attention soon.

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Alternatively you could sign her up for a book club so she can read some REAL literature

If she reads it for the lulz: Congratulations, you have an Anti for a mother. Rejoice in your genetics and lampoon the franchise over a nice bowl of tater tots.

If you have a TwidadEdit

Abandon all Hope. (Um...why? Can't you just get him interested in something else like, I dunno, videogames for adults?)


Video Games for Adults

If both of your parents are Twitards...Edit're really outta luck. So the best thing you can do here is:

"Fly. Fly, you fools!" (Gandalf, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring)

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