Twitards: To be avoided

Yes, it's possible some of your friends can be into this waste of trees saga.

If they just started liking the seriesEdit

Try to reason with them, tell them it's just a phase. there just might still be hope for them. Or just smack them upside the head with their precious copies of Twilight until they see reason. You can also take the easy way out: shun them until they see reason.

If they're freaking obsessedEdit


  • If it's only one or two, avoid bringing up the Twilight books/movies or change the subject as fast as possible.
  • If it's more than 3 but less than 7 try to tune out the Twitard babble.
  • If it's more than 8... you need to get new friends before they infect you.

If you have a Twitard boyfriend/girlfriendEdit

Oh noes...what did you ever SEE in them?!

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