There are, in fact, Twitard teachers. Most of these are the fresh-out-of-the-tin, "I'll make a real impression on these students, Oh, I'm so nice trying to bond with everyone" teachers. They are easily identified by their perennial inane smiles and inability to actually help with homework (probably too busy fantasizing). How they manage to attain degrees with such a level of incompetence remains unknown. Dealing with them is nearly impossible; Your best course of action is to try and ignore the unimportant babble (this will be approximately 90% of what you hear in class) and never, EVER challenge the fact that Twilight isn't literature. You will be persecuted.

Ironically enough, a high concentration of Twitard teachers teach English, which is extremely scary.

What is also extremely scary is (from My Life is Twilight, although this person apparently teaches biology), an insane sensible teacher wrote this:

In the ninth grade biology class I teach, there is a boy named Ed and a girl named Bella. I have paired them up for every lab assignment we have had so far in this year in hopes that they will get together. I even asked my supervisors (sic) permission to hold a blood testing day.

Another example is of a teacher at a perfectly respectable school which will remain unnamed. She, however, is not fresh out of graduate school, which is even scarier. She has been teaching at the school for over twenty years. Her classroom is identified to be the one with the Twilight and New Moon posters, and even scarier, a picture of Jacob Black shirtless. She wears, once a month, a "Team Edward" t-shirt, much to the dismay of her students who are Antis. What is scariest of all is that she is a Twitard teacher and a mom. This is not a prank, she has three kids at home. This woman has been known to be very level headed, but has sometimes erred in her teaching methods. One of the greates instance happened as follows:

Teacher: ...word choice is important in our writing. It keeps the readers attention. These are some examples (points to the whiteboard) This is good sounding, good feeling, good looking (points to the shirtless Jacob Black).
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What to do if you have a Twihard teacher

Antis from all over cringed during that class.

If you have Twihard Teacher, and you are an Anti, take the following precautions outside of school:

  • Read books that are good.
  • Take extra language classes from a different teacher.
  • Vent to a friend about how you can no longer take your teacher's implied fangirl rants.
  • Ask to go to the restroom, bring some good books with you, do the first option, and don't come out until the class is over.
  • Buy earmuffs after the first day and sleep though that teacher's classes for the rest of the school year (works 50% of the time).
  • Get your English taught at home.
  • If you're feeling really rebellious, read good books (preferably Harry Potter or any other series considered a rival to Twilight) in class where the teacher can see you, but don't say anything. Not speaking out will prevent you from getting in trouble.
  • If he/she is reading it to make fun of it, there is nothing wrong



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