Those poor, brainwashed souls (qualifier: not all twihards are known to have souls.) We have to point everything out to them, don't we?

Gen. Pissed off

General Armstrong does not approve that Bella is an ideal woman


  • Bella chooses to go to Forks of her own free will, but nevertheless moans and groans about it (oh sorry, that's "suffers in ostentatious silence").
  • Upon arriving in Forks, Bella is given a truck, paid for in full by her loving father, and immediately complains that it's too old (Lolwut) and that she wanted to buy her own.
  • She worries that she won't have friends, but when it turns out that everyone likes her, she complains about the attention.
  • Bella threw a temper tantrum about having to spend fishing trips with her father, and then threw ANOTHER tantrum about having to visit her father for two weeks in Forks, forcing him to rearrange his schedule so that he could visit her on her terms.

New MoonEdit

  • She is given a lovely birthday party and several valuable gifts by friends, and responds by complaining about how demanding they are and how they don't listen to her. Scolding someone who just gave you a gift because: "I told you, no presents," does not make you come across as selfless.
  • She loses her crush that she has known for barely a month and doesn't show any real connection with, she bitches and moans endlessly, both to the reader and her one remaining friend, about how perfect empty her life has become.
  • When her friends respond to her months of cold silence by losing interest in her, she complains about how awful they're being instead of realizing she's earned it, because she's a brat.
  • She thinks her father is completely unreasonable for expecting her to interact with other human beings, and thinks he's being mean for offering her the psych treatment she obviously needs. Gratitude for his concern, and worry about the anxiety, effort, and sleep she's doubtless cost him, are conspicuously absent.


  • Nothing happens in this book, but Bella still manages to bitch about it. Don't ask me how.

Breaking DawnEdit

  • Having been given a highly unrealistic, superexpensive, brand-new car, Bella bitches and moans about her terrible circumstance, while simultaneously excusing the only actual problem here (Eddie's belligerent attitude towards her). For a case study in impossible standards, see the third item on this list.
  • Bella spends a good part of her wedding complaining about Tanya and how jealous she is of her, whereas, logically, Tanya should be jealous of Bella, because she wanted to marry Edward first.
  • Bella gets all upset and grumpy about the housekeeper's perfectly valid concern for her safety.
  • Bella throws a tantrum when someone bestows a perfectly reasonable nickname on her child, despite the fact that naming your kid Renesmee is probably child abuse.

Note: This is probably the least whiny book of the series (thank God), thanks in large part to the bits from Jacob's POV, and the fact that Meyer is so busy fantasizing about demonspawn children that she doesn't have time to bitch and moan quite as much.

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