'Girl Love Between Two Girls' is the term typically used to describe Alice's feelings toward Bella. It can also describe the feelings SMeyer makes her daughter ignore, because she's a religious zealot because it's RONGZ.

Alice and BellaEdit

In Twilight, near the end, Alice carries Bella to the car. Now, why was this? Perhaps they got married while the reader wasn't looking. In New Moon, Bella is OMGZ SO HAPPYZZ to see Alice after the Cullens left, that she hugs her for a way-too-long time and they have a "sleep-over." Everyone knows-- When male authors and sexist female authors say "sleep-over" they mean "pajamaz sexxy fun time!" Meyer was too stupid to realize the implications of this. Even Dan noticed some was up between them. "The Bella-Alice relationship I hinted to as a joke, may be very real."

Rosalie and Bella Edit

Rosalie seems VERY concerned about Bella even though she supposedly hates her

Still though they're not the first pair of lesbian vampires Credit to artist:

Jane and HeidiEdit

What else could they be doing back at the lair other than fucking each other's brains out?

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