Female Force is a series of autobiographical comics based upon influential women in modern day society. But guess what, our "speshul snowflake" SMeyer is sadly one of them. Her comic is basically what her wet dreams are, and how they happened years before Twilight, The Series came to be. It includes how she created her own army of Mary Sues, Meyerpires, Meyerwolves, and herself as a seventeen year old idiot who wants to make love to a marble statue. Please gaze upon the fail that has been brought upon us.

But WHY???? Edit

Good question.  It seems that Meyer does have a heart after all. You see, a friend of hers was diagnosed with breast cancer and was in debt due to medical bills.  The profits from this book go to relieving her friend's debt.  (What's more shocking: Meyer having a heart? Or having a friend?)

The fact that Meyer undoubtedly already has enough money to pay the debt off without extra moneywhoring is irrelevant.


Although you dislike burning books, you may burn this comic as well, like the other shit in the series

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