Yet another good character cast aside. (groans)

Eric Yorkie is one of the few good characters in the series. He doesn't get a lot of screen time, and that shallow, ungrateful bitch, Bella, calls him "the overly-helpful, geeky, chess club type" *facepalm* which could be taken as a compliment, but honestly it didn't seem like it. (And with all honesty it's at this moment where I do some serious head-desking with a little face-palming thrown in. The fact that Bella would choose the century-old creeper-virgin over a genuinely nice and considerate guy because he's too nice/helpful/human/geeky [and again I groan because in the movie he's actually kind of cute in a dorky way] only serves to prove how mentally challenged she is.) No one is quite sure what Eric did to deserve this contempt from Bella, since he was nothing but kind to her on her first day (except him not being a perfect beautiful sparkling not-really-bloodsucking abusive stalking monster - which is of course a great crime and needs to be chagrined at *sarcasm hands are both raised*). In the movie, he becomes an intrepid reporter for the school's newspaper, portrayed by Justin Chon (because Asian kids are always geeks). *facepalm*

Of course, we know Meyer's stance on geekdom and the people who programmed her Microsoft Word. Ingrate much?

Also the poor guy seems to be not special enough to deserve a relationship. Whereas in the film it is hinted that he and Angela Weber get together, in the book she has a relationship with Ben Cheney, leaving Eric alone in his geekdom. Because obviously ugly and geeky people don't deserve to be lucky - I mean they don't sparkle or are special in any way - how can anyone possibly love them?

Also, Bella ditched him as a friend in favor of Mike Newton, which we assume is because Mike is sporty and not the "the overly-helpful, geeky, chess club type". She did end up comparing Mike to a dog though, because being nice to Bella when she's trying to wangst is a no no.

Eric Yorkie and Ben Chaney were combined into one character for the film resulting in one character named Eric Yorkie.

Dan Bergstein, the robot-, pancake-, and werewolf-loving SparkNotes editor responsible for such wonders as the "sarcasm hand" gives poor Eric a little more credit. He even dubs the geeky boy "E-Rock" in his blog and expresses concern when Eric goes missing from the books for an extended amout of time while Bella is busy with her prettier, more speshul friends.

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