Bella: [see a bear] Emmett? Is that you?


Bella: You suddenly got all hairy...


Emmett being cool


Edward: [trying to correct Bella] That's not Emmett... That's a bear...

Bella: [refuse to believe that the bear is not Emmett] Noo... I'm sure... It's Emmett.


Emmett: What are you talking about? I'm not a bear!!

Bella: [shock] There's TWO Emmetts?!?!?!

One of the only cool Cullens, The others being Rosalie, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Jasper or basically anyone not Bella or Edward. He doesn't have a big part and had a pretty large potential just like most of the humans and other Cullens that aren't Bella and Edward. He's often described as a bear, which, oddly enough, is his hunting specialty. Good thing bears are cannibalistic, or we might not be able to suspend our disbelief! Smeyer just created him so we have a "strong" character to protect Snella from getting killed.

His Nominal Role in the SeriesEdit

Meyer tells us that Emmet is in love with Rosalie (a.k.a the hottest meyerpire) Although they have no chemistry and the only reason 'The Amazing Rosalie' decided to let Emmett live was because he reminded her of her friend's son. (Creepy much?) Emmett nearly died by getting eaten by a grizzly bear and as a result he s
800px-Grizzly Bear Yellowstone

Emmett's Lunch

eems to have some sort of pent-up frustrations that he works out by making bears his diet of choice. Of course this could also be due to the fact that he is a bit obese, and was probably kicked around as a child. This would also

explain why he is so mean to the other high-school students (That's actually pretty normal, these days).

Smeyer propably made this character so there would be a "super strong" smeyerpire that could protect Bella from being killed.

Problems in the Bear StoryEdit

In Twilight, the Cullen clan is apparently in Appalachia when Rosalie finds Emmett being mauled by a bear. Some quick facts:

There are no grizzly bears in Appalachia. There are black bears, which demand some respect, but they are generally shy and not terribly large.

Bear attacks are very rare, and usually either involve a rabid bear, or a semi-tame bear who has been offered food by humans, or a bear in a confusing environment like a city, or a wild bear that a human goes up to with a saddle and attempts to mount.

In Making Spawn Edit

After Bella Sue Cullen gives birth to the Loch Ness Monster, Emmett is defeated time, and time again by her new Mary-Sue arm-wrestling powers. It's unclear if he likes Renesmee or not, but assuming that his wife now pays almost no attention to him in order to take care of a creepy fast growing baby we must assume that he would like to kill Renesmee as much as everyone else does (besides Bella, Jacob and the Twihards of course). After all, it's obvious that he isn't getting any. At all.

Dan From Blogging Twilight Edit

Emmett's biggest fan is Dan from Blogging Twilight. "Dan the Man" comes up with stories about Emmett and develops him much more than the author herself does. He writes intros for him and raps by him. According to him Emmett's favorite weapon is the sword and Emmett himself is invincible. We fear for him when he reads about the Demon Spawn beating Emmett.

Emmett's Meyerpower Edit

I wouldn't call it a power, but oh well... Smeyer logic. Emmett's so called meyer power is 'super strength'. He is the strongest of all the members in the cullen family. As written in 'Twilight - midnight sun' (which is written in Edward sparklepants Cullen's) Emmett rarely use his super strength (who cares which page anyway!)... why does he have that power then? Another useless and petty power in the Cullen family.

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