Emily Young is Sam Uley's fiance, and Leah Clearwater's cousin. She accidentally broke up Sam and Leah's relationship when Sam saw her
Emily in Eclipse

The right half of her face is the definition of true love. *sarcasm hand raised*

while she was visiting and he imprinted on her. When she told him that this was screwy and to stay loyal to her cousin, he turned into a wolf and ripped her face up (isn't he just the sweetest?). To normal people, this would imply that he was an abusive nutcase the sort of guy to avoid a relationship with, but apparently Emily, being a Meyer female, decided that it was "true love." She now spends her time cooking and cleaning for her boyfriend and his werewolf buddies, completely ignoring the fact that she has helped to ruin her cousin's life and that her boyfriend had scarred her for life and really only likes her for the babies she'll be popping out. How romantic.

She is noted as being a mother figure, commonly cooking and cleaning for "her boys" and watching them eat like pigs while having a stupid look of adoration on her face. This and many other factors lead Antis to believe that Emily is actually still suffering from trauma, and has reverted to being a Stepford Wife. Whether she only pretends to be loving and adoring out of fear of further harm, has actually brainwashed herself into thinking she loves out of the same fear, or if it is a sort of Stockholm Syndrome is anyone's guess.

Alternative character interpretation portrays Emily as a manipulative man-stealing whore. Since imprinting is supposed to make the wolf "whatever the imprint wants him to be" some have taken that to mean that Emily's refusal was false and that she had honestly wanted him for herself the whole time, otherwise Sam would have been required by the imprint to back off. This perception is supported by several statements Meyer has made in the past. In some of Meyer's question and answer sessions, she has foolishly chosen to expand upon her characters in an attempt to explain or hand wave certain issues, while actually only making the situation or character appear worse than it originally did. Within these sessions, Meyer has gone so far as to state that Emily had fallen in love with Sam from Leah's stories about him and had been wanting him for herself since before they met, and that when she told Sam no, she had secretly felt guilty about turning him down because she wanted him so much. No, that guilt was not for her cousin who she would be effectively betraying, but rather for the guy she would be betraying her cousin with. Sure, she's helped ruin her cousin's life, but what do family ties matter when you have your soul mate, right Meyer?

Emily Young is best known for her part in the love triangle with Sam and Leah, baking muffins, acting as a mother figure to the wolves, serving as a physical representation of what happens when a wolf gets angry, being an example of imprinting, and serving as a role model for Bella. Following Meyer's anti-feminist philosophies, Emily is the picture perfect "wife" and homemaker, is submissive to her partner, and does nothing of any real importance to the course of the series. As such, because she fits Meyer's model of what a woman should be, she is one of the few who manage to get a "happy ending" in the series.

Not to be confused with Emily Yeung, a Canadian child star who's going to have to live with the stigma of having a name that sounds like a Twilight character for the rest of her life.

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