Denali Mt McKinley

Denali is a beautiful place. No meyerpires, nor incubus, see?

Denali is the place where melancholy, depressed, antisocial, thought-hearing, forgotten pagan gods of beauty go when they need to get away from the mysterious, fragrant, warm, beautiful potpourri female humans that frustrate them. They seek counseling here. Also threesomes.

The Denali Coven is also a meyerpire coven that consists of Tanya, Kate, Carmen, Eleazar, and Garrett (Irina being dead as a doornail at this point). The Denalis are some of the only kitten-munching vampires in the world, along with the Cullens. They are also very close to the Cullens, being some of the Cullens' kitten-munching pals most loyal allies and considering themselves an extended family. The Denali Coven is located in "Denali, Alaska" (there is no Denali, Alaska. Denali is a mountain), supposedly so that its members can live alongside humans without too much trouble.

Incidentally, I live in Alaska, and if a meyerpire showed up at my front door, I think that I would remove its head with a freakin' 12-gauge. Contrary to Meyer's warped thinking, we Alaskans are not pale, cold, bloodsucking meyerpire lovers, and we would probably notice and destroy any that we found.

Because Alaskans are a natural race of vampire hunters. Sarah Palin is needless confirmation.

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