Dakota fanning

Dakota Fanning, the actress who plays Jane in the movies

Dakota Fanning is an excellent young actress, who has been making movies since she was seven, and is generally agreed to be pretty damn good at it. She plays Jane in the pieces of crap that are New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, though why an accomplished and sought-after actress would want to play a bit part in a bad teenage vampire movie series is beyond us, though it has been rumored that Dakota took the part because she wanted to get to know Kristen for when they would be together in "The Runaways"

Frankly she is more than the movies deserve; then again, isn't every actor? However, Jane is the best part in these movies, seeing as she can make people scream by smiling at them (it's a shame that this power doesn't work on Bella), and Dakota's smile rocks, so basically she got the best part. Also, she almost manages to make Jane scary, which is quite the feat considering that this is a Meyer-villain we're talking about.


As stated above, Dakota Fanning will be performing in another movie with Kristen Stewart about the Runaways-- Let's hope she can give Kristen some acting tips (Because the Lord knows that after this shit-fest, she needs some..very badly).

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