Claire is the two-year-old that Quil imprints on in New Moon. She actually appears only once in the books, when Jacob talks to Quil and Claire on the beach in Breeding Spawn Breaking Dawn. Despite this, or perhaps because of this given Meyer's character development skills, or lack thereof, she is one of the less crappy female characters in the books, since as a toddler she can't really be blamed for accepting the obsessive attention of her werewolf babysitter.

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Unfortunately for this poor child, when she grows up she will have to become the sex slave wife of child-groomer and pedophile Quil, or she'll have her face scratched off. (Because that kind of devotion is irresistable) Perhaps Meyer subconsciously named Claire and her would-be "lover" after Clare Quilty, the child pornographer who rivals Professor Humbert in his love/lust for the underage nymphet in Vladimir Nabokov's 1955 novel Lolita. This, however, is unlikely, seeing as Meyer has probably never read a decent book in her lifetime.

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