Apparently, our horribly misinformed dear author Stephenie Meyer got so many complaints about how she screwed over the werewolves that she decided to sneak in a reference to REAL werewolves at the very end of Breeding Spawn Breaking Dawn, most likely in an attempt to pacify people who actually read.


The Children of the Moon are pretty much real werewolves.

  • They are immortal and very strong.

    A werewolf (according to SMeyer)

  • They change whenever there is a full moon.
  • They fight vampires. Apparently Cauis lost a fight with one once and so he is terrified to death of them.
  • They retain no mental faculties, unlike the Meyerwolves.
  • Unlike traditional lore, they cannot be killed with a silver bullet.
  • They probably turn into some sort of half-human, half-wolf creatures.
  • But they are never shown.
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