On February 24th, 2009, the Anti community suffered a grievous blow with the loss of one of its greatest mascots: a bag of cheese nips.

The community mourned the loss by posting their condolences, headstone pictures and hosted a eulogy. In lieu of flowers, donations were made to the National Dairy Snack Protection League, and similar causes. Cheese Nips reminds us all of the risk posed to us by Twilight and its psychotic fanbase. But never fear, my brethren, for though the enemy may squash us beneath their feet and crush us into a million tiny little orange bits, we will trudge on (even if we have to do it on an empty stomach). We are even able to summon up a brave smile at the irony that fans of Twilight' show a distaste for these crackers, given their predilection for all things cheesy.

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