Caius is one of the three vampires sparklepires that live in Italy, a member of the infamous Volturi, who actually do nothing throughout the entire series. It is impossible to determine his gender from appearance alone, but he may actually be Aro's transgendered wife.


Somewhere over the rainbow

Physical Description Edit

He has pale skin that is described as "almost translucent" and likened to an onion skin. He, unlike Aro and Marcus, has light hair that is nearly the same shade as his skin and is about shoulder length(remember, light haired people are evil in Meyerland). This is why many antis consider him a Dumbledore/Gandalf rip-off. It is also said it looks like he's floating when he is walking. Which probably means he stands on his tippy-toes all the time like a ballerina. He may or may not wear a tutu under his robe: reports conflict on this detail.

Okay, fine, he does.

General Information Edit

He first makes an appearance in New Moon when Edikins wants the Volturi to kill him after he thinks that Bella is dead. He is one of the leaders of the Volturi and didn't want Bella to leave Italy alive (sounds like a smart guy to me) anyways, he isn't allowed to kill Bella, which sucks. It would have made that book a LOT more interesting.

His second appearance is in the worst of the four books Breaking Dawn, when he arrives with the other Volturi members because of the irritating offspring of Bella and Edward, also known as Demonspawn Renesmee. When the Volturi realises instead of being a baby vampire, Renesmee is in fact a freak of nature and half vampire half human, they aren't happy. Caius wants a fight (like everyone else bloody did instead of rainbows and butterflies) so he kills Irina, hoping to spark a battle with the Denali clan. He unfortunately was unsuccessful because the Denali are giant pansies and no one cares about Irina anyway. The Volturi end up leaving after all that build up making the end of Breeding Spawn Breaking Dawn one of the biggest anti-climaxes in history.

He is married to Athenodora. This serves no purpose beyond Meyer not wanting one of her characters to end up single.

He's terrified of werewolves because he was nearly killed by one of them. Even though he should be faster, stronger and more invincible than a werewolf. He claims not to have any powers, but based on the tippy-toe walk, his superpower is probably ballet. This may explain how he was almost killed by a werewolf: Pliés and pirouettes are even less efficient in battle than they sound. (Heck, the only reason he survived long enough for Aro to come save him was probably because the werewolf passed out laughing.)

Funny fact: Caius in latin can also be spelled Gaius, and this character is deep in the closet looks like a ballerina TOTALLY STRAIGHT AND LUVS ATHENODORA!!!1!

Special Meyerpire Power Edit

His power is making people wonder why he is even a leader of the Volturi as he isn't even useful at all. For example:

  • He has no powers apart from basic Meyerpire ones.
  • He was nearly killed by a werewolf when he should have been able to kill it easily. He is, after all, supposed to be the most powerful vampire on Earth (unless he was just bragging).
  • He is seemingly only good at story telling.
  • Could be a ballerina.
  • Often looks like an angry blond barbie in the movies.
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