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Bree Tanner in Eclipse

Bree Tanner is a teenage girl who Victoria recruited as part of the Vampire Army, and the only victim of the Volturi that we know about. It was suggested that the Cullens "adopt" her and teach her control, but Jane decided to kill her instead, and Carlisle was unwilling to press the issue, since the Volturi's authority is not to be questioned by anybody. This allows the Volturi to show that they are bad and scary by killing someone, without Meyer having to give up one of her beloved main characters. (Despite the fact that the Cullens killed the whole army of Newbies and are not considered bad... logic?)

As a newborn, Bree's entire characterization is screaming about how much she wanted to eat Bella and questioning how the Cullens could resist. She dies a death that sounds worse than the scream heard as a dental drill enters a person's urethra.

For some reason, Meyer thought it would be a good idea to name this (supposedly) tragic character after a kind of cheese. Presumably, her next books will include cancer victims named Gouda and Pepper Jack.

Alternatively, this was a crossover attempt with the now-defunct Lonelygirl15 Youtube vlog.

Meyer has apparently written a short story novella about this character. No, this was not an April Fool's Joke Apparently, the actress who plays Bree in Faillipse in the same one who played the creepy little girl in Bioshock.

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