Black Pawn Movement

The Black Pawn Movement (or BPM) was a group composed of both Antis and sane fans of the Twilight series. The group was on YouTube, where videos were uploaded featuring the rather Orwellian ways of the Twihards, especially their multiple attempts to berate and censor Antis because of their opinion on the books. They also enjoyed "riffing" videos of Twihards making absolute idiots of themselves, regardless of age, race or religion.

The group's name was derived from a now removed YouTube video of the "White Queen Campaign." There, a multitude of Twihards campaigned to send White Queen chess pieces to Entertainment Weekly because of their review of Breaking Dawn. The Campaign turned out to be a profoundly useless waste of time, since Entertainment Weekly never retracted the review and apologized. Noting that the creator of the Campaign made the comments moderated for approval, so that the stupidity of the situation didn't leak out too far, the original creator of the Movement founded the organization, and made sure it was actually somewhat useful by giving Antis on YouTube a secure place to comment about the idiocy of the fans and the books themselves without fear of the comments being deleted.

Running Gags Edit

Seen primarily in the riffing videos, however they do occasionally cross over into the more serious ones, there are a few running gags in the Black Pawn Movement's videos:

  • Church Guy: Church Guy from Left 4 Dead is a more recent running gag, mostly appearing at the end of videos but occasionally appears elsewhere. Became a "meme" of sorts among fans for a short time.
  • The Larch: A picture of a Larch tree, first seen in "ѕтσρ тнє Ɍɑɲȡʘɱ ȴɘʈʇɛʁ нαтє!!!! ò____ó". Arguably the unofficial mascot of the Black Pawn Movement due to it's popularity, The Larch is derived from the Monty Python gag "How to Recognize Different Trees from Quite A Long Way Away".
  • Nuttymadam: Formerly a more common running gag, seen in multiple videos but eventually stopped being used very much.
  • Yakety Sax Moment: If a rant by a Twihard runs for too long, a Yakety Sax Moment may be implemented. A Yakety Sax Moment is classified by "Yakety Sax" by Boots Randolph playing in the background of the now sped-up Twihard video, with random happenings occuring to the video itself. First seen in "Nuttymadam3575 Responds to Stephen King".

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