Sonic the werehog full art by tails19950-d4d1nxf

Compare this to a meyerwolf. You'll see a very huge difference.

Meyerwolves are not werewolves. Actually, they're not even good characters because Smeyer didn't bother to do the research. Here's a list of werewolves worthy of the name.

  1. Remus Lupin (Harry Potter)
  2. Fenrir Greyback (Harry Potter)
  3. Oz (Buffy)
  4. Nina Ash (Angel)
    Professor layton series befriending a werewolf by beeju-d60i9hn

    Luke: Hey Professor! This scene seems a lot like Twilig-- Professor Layton: NO! Don't even dare say that! That novel series and those words are forbidden in our gaming universe!!! Luke: Oh. 0.0

  5. Dyson (Lost Girl)
  6. The Alphas (The Dresden Files)
  7. Lucien (Underworld)
  8. The rest of the Lycans in Underworld
  9. All the werewolves from The Vampire Diaries (That includes the hybirds when they were still werewolves)
  10. The girls from Trick r Treat
  11. Captain Hans Gunsche (Hellsing)
  12. Any werewolf from Terry Pratchett's Discworld
  13. Any werewolf from 'Once Upon a Time'
  14. Leah Clearwater (Okay, she's a Meyerwolf. But she's still awesome!)
  15. Henry Foss (Sanctuary)
  16. Scott McCall (Teen Wolf)
  17. Kagerou Imaizumi (Touhou)
  18. The Captain (Hellsing)
  19. Sonic The Werehog (So much more badass than Pedowolves)
  20. Professor Layton (this story. And even if he doesn't behave like one, at least he ain't a pedophile)
  21. Any werewolf OC/FC who isn't a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu
  22. The Wolfman
  23. Clawdeen Wolf (Monster High)
  24. The Erasers (Maximum Ride) They don't really do much, but they can pull off scary.
  25. Bigby Wolf (Fables, Wolf Among Us. Bonus points for being the Big Bad Wolf)
  26. Ren (DRAMAtical Murder; O.K., I know he's technically not a Werewolf, but this is him in his bad ending of his route in DRAMAtical Murder Re:connect(and the second bad end in the 1st game, and the bad end in re:code). Still makes a better 'Werewolf' than Jacrap)
  27. Holo (Spice and Wolf)
  28. David (An American Werewolf in London)
  29. The Children of the Moon (You know how Meyerwolves are nothing like actual werewolves? That's because they really aren't werewolves at all, they are creatures called shape-shifters. The real werewolves were all killed in an event called the Werewolf Genocide, which for reasons only Meyer can comprehend, was kept in the background instead of in the foreground where it belonged.)
  30. Any werewolf from the Goosebumps books
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