Who? In the series, Angela is Bella's only true human friend.

Angela is not only the only person Bella's age that she feels she can relate to, but
the only human, as well. As such, it is suspected that she may be a witch. Although it is probably just because Angela usually just shuts up, so Bella doesn't actually have to spent time with a non-sparkly being. Gasp!

Unlike many Meyerfemales, she seems to have a personality unlike a wet sponge, though Bella apparently ignores her because she's too perceptive, or something along those lines. That sounds familiar, actually.

She is portrayed as having dark hair, and dark eyes.

The Heel

She enjoys having dates taller than her due to her unhealthy obsession with fondness for pink high heels, and attempts to save Bella from her obsession with the Cullens when buying said heels.

Yes, this is Meyer 's idea of character development. ENVIE HERR WRIGHTEINGG JEENYUSS!!11!!!1!

Love Life

She finds her Twu Luv in Ben Cheney after dumping Eric Yorkie for reasons unknown. Of course, no one can find their twu luv in this series without being in contact of Bedward, so it's Eddiekinz who brings them together.

After using her to stalk Bella, he decides to thank her with a present, so he once again violates her privacy reads her mind. He realizes that she and Ben are in love with each other, but obviously they're too stupid to get together themselves. This is apparently because Ben isn't as tall as Angela, which, of course, is not a great reason to date.

So Eddie pretends to ask Angela out in front of Ben to awaken his protective instinct, because naturally, Angela, being a weak little Meyerfemale, is not able to protect herself from creepy Edward and Ben will not make a huge difference on her side.

So Ben finally decides to ask Angela out, not just because he's in love with her, but because he wants to protect her from Edward. Which wasn't at all possible if Edward had just given Angela the advice and let her choose, of course.

As Bella's BFF

It's Angela that Bella spends time with when Charlie decides that she should balance her love life and friendships. Following this decision, Bella helps Angela write the graduation invitations, not because Bella's a good friend, but because she is using the chance to show Charlie how much time she spends with her friends.

Angela is also the lucky girl who catches the bouquette at Bella's wedding, seeing as every vampire there is either already married or jealous of Bedward , and all the other humans are unworthy of Twu Luv, indicating that Meyer is fond of Angela. Not really a problem, because people like Jessica haven't found their Twu Luv yet anyway, and Angela has.

As a Character

Angela might actually be a better character because she is hardly ever present, due to simply used as a plot device to bring Bella up to speed on anything she missed. Therefore, Meyer has less of an opportunity to ruin her.

==The Musical Conspiracy==

There have been some suspicions raised about this character being a "tribute" to composer Andrew Lloyd Webber in an effort to have him compose a "Twilight" musical on the same scale as, say, The Phantom of the Opera. Angela Weber... Andrew Lloyd Webber... *Gasp!* Why, we never saw this! Their names sound similar, who knew???? What a clever alias! *sarcasm hand raised*

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