Alec is Jane's twin brother. He has the ability to put large groups of people in absolute sensory deprivation all at once, which makes him much creepier than Jane, since extended periods of total sensory deprivation can be quite psychologically disruptive, and it would be logical to assume this would be worse for a creature accustomed to such intense, reliable senses as the vampires are supposed to have. Unfortunately, Meyer doesn't know enough about anything to write that kind of scene realistically. Even more unfortunately, none of the cool powers work on Bella, so we wouldn't get to see it anyway. He and his sister are the Volturi's primary offensive weapons, which is why in Breaking Dawn the Volturi break off in the face of Bella's special snowflake powers.


Cameron after he was told he would play Alec

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Alec will be portrayed by Canadian actor Cameron Bright, who claims to have liked the film and be glad to be participating. However, he does seem to have an aversion to fangirls.

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