Many Twitards, when discovering that there are actually people who hate their beloved books, will immediately assume that anyone who opposes the Twilight series is a pathetic male who hasn't even read the books. This is because they are apparently incapable of conceiving of a female who is not so entranced by Edward's sparkly glory that she falls down at his (and Smeyer's) feet in wonderment.


When anyone says its a male only thing

Unfortunately for the fangirls, their argument is crap. If one were to go to Twilightsucks and look at the gender icons of the people on any given page, one would probably notice that about 3/4 of them are pink. This would tend to indicate that, not only are there female antis, but they are actually a majority. This is not surprising when one thinks about the portrayal of Bella Swan, who seems to be a (hopeless) attempt at a role model. Many women and girls object to the assumption that they are stupid enough to model their lives and ideas on that pathetic, whiny, helpless brat.

This is not to say that males do not have plenty of reasons to hate the books: Edward is, if anything, a worse role model than Bella: angsty, childish, abusive, controlling, stupid, and he has many other (completely unacknowledged) flaws as well, not to mention the abysmal writing and endlessly dragging "plot". However, there are fewer males in the Anti community than there are females, for the simple reason that the majority of males would not go near a book like Twilight. Some did read it, and in fact, many males have enjoyed it. Others read it on the basis of the former group, and dislike it for the reasons described above. There are some antis who have not read the books, but most have.

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