It looks like the cover art is going for a familiar theme..

50 Shades of Grey is an international bestseller written by British writer E.L. James. It is an erotic (or neurotic) novel featuring a college student named Anastasia Steele, who begins a relationship with reclusive billionaire Christian Grey. The book contains lengthy and graphic descriptions of BDSM role play and other fetishes.

Why is this novel relevant to an anti-Twilight wiki? Because it started out as a Twilight fanfiction. I suppose it isn't hard to imagine what the original names of the two above-mentioned leads were.

It should be noted that 50 Shades IS Twilight, as evident by the fact that the male lead character is abusive, and the female lead is submissive. Moreover, the man is rich too, as mentioned before. Probably for the best that he's not a Meyerpire as well... (Though clearly, he started out as one.)

E.L. James comes close to the level of sickness and wrongness Meyer is at, mentioning in an interview that she did a lot of research on this, and tried things out with her husband. Yes, she is also a mother, and we should all feel sorry for the kids at this point. James has this really annoying "oh I'm so very shy" act when she is being interviewed, making the pain you experience as you watch her talk about her shitfest book as bad as the cruciatus curse.

Emma Watson was rumored to play Bella Swan Anastasia Steele in the movie adaptation. She wasn't pleased by the rumor and thankfully, she wasn’t in the movies. It is debatable whether or not the insult Emma must have felt is to be compared to how we all felt when this book became a bestseller.

Even Daniel Radcliffe was rumored to be cast as Christian Grey. He even said in an interview, "Not very many people wanted me to play as Christian Grey... including myself!" (Did Rob Pattinson call him and say "NOOO DON'T DO IT!" at 2AM?)

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